Say hell

The draft of this zombie head was started months ago, I took every odd moment to make this image close to complete, first I did a sketch on the canvas just using black gray and white, actually there ware no white at all, coz brightness can never be increased on white color, we gonna leave some spaces for the colors in case we need it to be brighter.

I accomplished the details of the light side face, the teeth and the lips, still with black and gray. Then I stopped, I couldn’t go on with it. I made this expression on my face when I looked into the mirror after toilet, and times people passing by looked at me from behind when I did that.

I didn’t make any progress until tonight, I took my wacom, color it, then I finished it in about 1hour. I really didn’t feel good about it, I don’t like to stop a painting and I hate doing what I left months ago.

But sometimes you can’t paint, you can’t paint.