A School

3dsmax 2009 with the first commercial plans. 4606X3365 final out of the map, rendering spend the middle of the night, and then synthesized in photoshop. Modeling from the beginning to the final settlement map, done two days off. Feel a lot faster than before, the results would be not bad at all. In addition to their familiarity with the process, the advantages of the new version also reflected.

3dsmax 2009 when I started out, I have yet because plug-ins do not hesitate to issue timely and uncertain, is to use the new version or to continue the classic 9?

Mentalray built in 2009 a major renovation, I feel more than ever before to increase the efficiency a lot, mr daylight system upgrade, mr enhance exposure control, A & D material and por material, FGGI speed upgrade … … a few steps can be a very good effect, more fool. This is a good thing.

I have a new love mentalray on abandoned Vray – I am a new and hate the old people.