Articulo Mortis

I break my face on july 11

After dinner with Mee yesterday, rains lightly, I take a bus90 to go home.

Because there is no seat on board, so I could only stand in the middle of the aisle, many people around me are all posted on their body.

I took the hand irons of the bus, suddenly felt breathless. I’d like to see whether the windows open, but found all around the window open, but I still feel the fear nausea, heart beating to jump in, seemed to want to jump out from my mouth, I am more and more shortness of breath , but still feeling very weak chest, like a huge stone hit.

At this time my eyes have become increasingly blurred.

I realize that they will soon fall, and thought: “can not yield can not fall!” So I tried to take a deep breath, blinking hard.

But useless.

The voice of my ear has become increasingly weak, until I hear, a good four weeks to become quiet, there is only one instrument similar ECG alarm bells ring when the ring has been, my eyes have become increasingly blurred, and finally changed too dark.

“Sleep” said a voice.

I closed his eyes. An unprecedented feeling of physical light.

After what I do not know, and vaguely heard a faint voice, “It was a faint!”

And so when I wake up, the bus has stopped, several people held on to me from behind, I exhaled breath heavily, ears and voices began to restore! Noise of people, the road car engine, horn sound, a man said to me: “Do not you want to call an ambulance?”

I tried to laugh a little, shook his head.

Let someone give me a seat, they help me to sit down on the seat, next to an old lady gave me a sugar, said: “eat, will eat better”, I was a heat, suddenly would like to cry.

I took over the sugar, I found grandmother had to peel it. I said: “Thank you” and then eat a piece of candy.

Grandmother did not ask me not to eat. I said, I eat.

Hurt comes first to my mind, I touch it, there’s a lot of blood … …

Grandmother gave me some toilet paper, I rubbed and found that his forehead broke, it just collapsed when the car hit the stage.

I stop when her grandmother has not destination. I got up and told her that I would like to thank once again, and then prepared to get off. Grandmother said: “I remember about dressing to go to the hospital.”

I looked back, she smiled gratefully nodded.

And then hobbled off, to find a small clinic on the bandaged wound on his forehead, and then find a pharmacy to buy some hydrogen peroxide and alcohol.

This is my second life collapsed, not dare to recall the scene at the time of terror, and death I think that is no different.