This is I take the world of warcraft an animation background as a reference, photoshop drawing, which lasted about six hours.

Painting when my cat Dammy has been sleeping next to me, from time to time with his big soft claw paw my thigh, or directly to climb near my arms to sleep, I can only leave the tablet to put forward, arm lift the Lao Gao. Awaken after he hit a lazy yawn, jump out of bed, did not take two steps, PA and lying on the floor,sleep up, posing as a cat corpse.

Painting late into the night, came out of the window between the noisy lover, drunk alcohol or kicked up a row, the most so I can not get is that when more than 5:00 was the call to hear a duck … … “quack-quack “Every time I called three times on the stop. This silence of the night came suddenly and loud duck call and a fool, I laugh almost can not even hold a pen also.